BJORK - So Broken

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Björk So broken, In pieces, My heart is so broken, I'm puzzling. Here I go Trying to run ahead of that, Heart break train, Thinking, It will never catch up with me. I'm so broken, heðan-biður-afte-care, So broken, heðan-biður-afte-care, Yeah, ha-ee, ha-ee, ha-mmm, heðan-biður, ** Icelandic part ** Wooh-ahhh-hmm... I'm trying to land, This aeroplane of ours gracefully, But it seems just destined to crash, I'm so broken, heðan-biður-afte-care, My heart is so broken, heðan-biður-afte-care, Yeah, ha-ee, ha-ee, ha-mmm, ** Icelandic part ** How can, how can, And I sense (?) All continuity Has vanished away At one step at a time now baby I'm so broken heðan-liður-afte-care I' broken heðan-biður-afte-care Yeah, ha-ee, ha-ee, ha-mmm ** Icelandic part ** I'm so... Completely unhealable, baby Ohhh!! Ohh-er-him I'm so broken Ahh-eða-miður-afte-care Yeah, ha-ee, ha-ee, ha-mmm En-lickel-afte-sjólvar En-neon-co-cole-ah-ahh Neo-sasar-ohh En-mi-sshh... Raimundo Amador Vamos a hacer otra? A otra! (Up for another one ? Another one!)

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