BJORK - Sacrifice

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Why can't you give her room?

Respect her spatial needs.

I feel you compress her

Into a small space.

With clairvoyance,

She knew what you needed,

And she gave it to you.

Now her desires are repressed

Arrows in the flesh

When she found your love,

Her nature bowed her head

She surrendered,

She renounced the world for you,

Now she's poisoned by demands

You cannot answer.

Why this sacrifice?

Now she regrets the whole thing,

A delayed reaction

When she left her craft voluntarily

For your nest, for your love.

Did you understand?


Build a bridge to her.

Initiate a touch

Before it's too late,

Say the words to her

That will make her shine.

Tell her that you love her.

Your generosity will show

In the volume of her glow.

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