BJORK - Mouth Mantra lyrics

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My throat was dead

My mouth was so numb

Banned from makin' noise

I was not hurt

I was closer to remember

Out calmly

My throat feels stunned

I was not allowed

I was not at ____(?)

I was not hurt!

I was not hurt!

I was not hurt!

There is vocal sadness

I was sufferin' there

From what I can't do

What I'm capable for

Need to play out

The chance of death

To succeed what

I haven't done before

Bow of silence

I was not the negative space

Around the mouth

It implodes the cold

And shuffling (?) shuffling

I am not hurt

I am not hurt

I am not hurt

This tunnel has enabled

Thousand of cells

I fake this drunk noise

I wise fate

A path allude, a path banned toward sacrifices

Now I sacrifice the storm

Can you come and ____(?)

Losing your own

I say hello, home, say hello, home

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