BJORK - Family lyrics

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Raise our place

Where I can pay respects

For death of my folly

(Show some respect)

Between the three of us

(Fairest mother and the child)

(Where is the father and the child)

A fair men and a woman

(The try and call of love)


So where do I go to make an offering?

I fall on maybes

Make my flowers fall (?)

The pendants

So where do I go to make an offering?

To mourn our miraculous

Try and go father mother child

Father, mother child


How will I sing with us

Out of this sorrow world?

Build our safe bridge

Where former childs out of...

This pain come pain come!

(Verse 2)

I raise a monument of love

There is a swarm of sound

Our own hourglass

And we can hear it

And we can get hits blind(?)

It will relieve us from the pain

It will make us a perfect

This place of solutions

This place of solutions

This location of solutions

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