BJORK - Black Lake lyrics

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Our love was my womb but our bond has broken

And my shield is gone, my protection is taken

I am 1 wound in my pulsatin' body

Sufferin' being

(Verse 2)

My heart is enormous, lake black with potion

I am blind, drownin' in this ocean

(Verse 3)

My soul torn apart, and my spirit unspoken(?)

Into far over the mist, over...

(Verse 4)

True fear may limits last

And emotions, I am bored of joy(?)

Apocalyptic obsessions

Did I love you too much?

Devotion and me broken

So I repent, destroyed

(I must, I...)

(Verse 4)

I did it for love

I honored my feelings

You betrayed your own past

Corroded that (?)

(Verse 5)

Finally, runs out of place

Our own secret, mutual (?)

And you up and done

(Verse 6)

True happiness and true belief

Pure heart in this darkness

I grant inside notes

We hold inside up and down

Lake darkness eternity and (?)

(Verse 7)

I am all-knowing shining raw gift

Returning home as I enter

Sea of misfit, I burn off

Layer by layer

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