Beth Hart

Theres a new album out from blues rock artist Beth Hart. It's called Better Than Home

Theres a new album out from blues rock artist Beth Hart. It's called Better Than HomeWe all remember award winning singer Beth Hart, who's songs broke our hearts and stitched them back together many pleasureful times. She was nominated for Best Contemporary Blues Female Artist last year, and she got a Grammy nomination for her Seesaw album in the same year 2014. She rolled with Joey Bonamassa and made "Don't Explain", an album that made no. 8 on Billboard Top Independent Album Chart. A handful of time appearances on the Billboard Blues Album Chart.

We've listened to this album, again, with a critical ear, and nothing bad came our way. Beth has that bar stool angel attitude, she's demonic and rich in wisdom at the same time, she's the cutest daredevil when personifying that gravely adventurous love life. Her new album, "Better Than Home" will surely raise some mixed emotions, as home, as the title implies it, becomes this far away realm in which everything is tangible, coherent and delightful because of that special person next to you. It'd be silly to assume it were any different. Psychiatrists would have their hands full with people suffering from "home sickness". It's like the cellular division, how one family has a boy or a girl that breaks loose and forms another place that's commonly named "home".

We advise you to listen to "As Long As I Have A Song", though with some precautions: that "where did all the summers go?" might strike a sensitive chord if you're well over 40. Also, you cannot skip "Tell 'Em To Hold On", where she uses a sort of "objects feel the effect of their own actions" metonymy. The whiskey wants a choke, the cigars want a smoke, the tears need some salt, and so on. You get it.

We'll have plenty more from this artist, so tune back in whenever a new album drops. We won't look the other way!

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