Behind Crimson Eyes

Behind Crimson Eyes - Sorry Doesn't Cut It

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I'll bite my tongue this time.

But you'll never ever get it in time.

As we face this summer

and our friends are in a far away place.


I'll set myself up to take the fall.

I'll let my guard down to give you all.


If you apologize one more time,

I swear I'll cut you down and throw you to the ground.

I won't accept these words that are killing me

and if you don't mind then I won't mind I'll just die here


[Verse 2:]

You try to undermine,

but when will you forget it, I'm fine.

You can't deliver,

and the weight of everything is too much now.


Can you hear my heart beat?

(when it flutters)

Do you know that it bleeds?

(when I miss you)

Shoot me where it hurts most?

(just make it sudden)

Tell me where to let go.

Shoot me where it hurts most, I know.

Tell me where to let go, I know.

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