BEASTIE BOYS - Pop Your Ballon

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I got the ball this time

… when I place this crowd

Move to the R to the U to the I

… I said: you’re sweet

I’ll give you a wage

I’ll give you a number

Mother fucker

I’ll let you provin’

Bring dance and let your ball gonna pop


I’ll pass it to the radio station

Put on my … and put my tape on

By the time you figure out what went wrong

…. When I’m gone


Pop your balloon

Pop pop your balloon

Pop your balloon

Pop pop your balloon

Pop your balloon

Pop pop your balloon

I’ll grab a mike

People lose their money

Put your hand in the air what the heck it’s in trouble

Walking shouting Do your best, Mike

‘Cause I’m filled with speed like a tour to France

I got to spinin’ and an eco-place

You keep the competition sealed under our hacks

And if you waste my time then I get pissed

A little sweet ‘cause is the cause of the tape

Like Frank Ferrari

I’m a magic man head

Folks in the …

Cops can’t capture the bad ass

… shout at

Try to get the post

But you can’t take the brag


We can deliver it upon it like a rocket

We got style none of you can top it

We’re in a club and yes we’re …

You keep on tellin’

That’s right That’s right

I’m down in the basement mixin’ up

I’m on the edge and I’m on a break

You got the persons I got the plates

We pressed ‘til …

Yes we make it happin with the rappin

In the clubs with the … and the blue-berry

The sound that you know

We can hit it far as high as you go


God search him

What channel is he on

‘Cause ain’t no sunshine where Mikey’s gone


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