Bear Vs. Shark

Bear Vs. Shark - We Were Sad But Now We're Rebuilding

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Complete the syntax

rearrange my thought process

in time, every point will form a line

prenatal cycle while you're pushing the jack again

and you backed up much too far, too far

and we thought this movement fell short

then theres a concrete wall

This is a parade

there are the stars in your eyes

this is an ending thought that pushes my feet

This is the moonlight

and these are the stars in your eyes

and these are the times that reflect inside your smile

and i thought we came too close to the ground

the zeppelin failed to push you away

the greco roman doors have been opened to the thailand traders

but i would never trade you in for an idea without just cause

nail us to this cross

with a d.n.a. photo album of the times we lost

live in the earth again

road maps as eyes

i am alive and leaving

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