Bear Vs. Shark

Bear Vs. Shark - Antwan

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What left you blank could leave you restless

out of breath young princes slave

the day away your pennies save and often spent

what has been lost has been received and lost in ceremony

She was a dancer for children

She has a chance for an exit

She was a builder of cities

He had the lips of a cobra

They carved your portrait into woods

our swords still under the sheets on T.V. screens and V.C.R.'s

Calling all jungle boys the party's over

poaching won't get you nothing but death

on the roof of my mouth to the bodies on the desert floor

grab handfuls of hair pull to belly splits

splitting on a system that made you rich

Words from your lips onto the ground all the novels that you read

all the useless information words we throw them at each other and mix them all together

to formulate an opinion without a second thought

my thoughts are yours

your thoughts are mine

just divided by.


I know why I'm talking will you leave the light on

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