-Legit (a.k.a The Savage), comin' straight out the Hillside with that Northern Cali Mobb sound, has been in the game for over 10 years. Before his rapping days B-Legit was a hustler on the streets of Vallejo (a.k.a Valley Jo, V-Town). He grew up in a single parent house surrounded by musical influences but still ran the streets.

He was always tight with his kin folk and close friends which has continued even to today. B-Legit can always be caught loungin with his cousins E-40 (a.k.a. 40 water, Fonzarelli, Mr. Flamboyant), D-Shot (a.k.a. The Boss Baller), and Suga-T. He also is tight with fellow record mates on Sick Wid It, including Celly Cel, The Mossie, The Funk Mobb Playas Tryn' Strive, and Levitti. C-Bo, from the Garden Blocc Crips, is also a close patna and he appears twice on B-Legit's album The Hemp Museum.

B-Legit and his cousins started in this rap game back in 1986. The four of them perforemed at a talent show under the group name Most Valuable Players. After receiving encouraging response they decided to continue with this rap and take it to another level. They changed their name to The Click and recorded the Less Side in 1990.

B-Legit and E-40 created Sick Wid It Records and Tapes at the same time and began pushing their shit to local listeners in California. They sold tapes out the back of their car and did all of their own promotion. The Click then released Down and Dirty. Word-of-mouth spread quickly, and soon the Click was an underground favorite.

Sick Wid It's clout increased after each release. B-Legit released Tryin' to Get a Buck in 1992. It too was an underground hit but still lacked the appeal to make it nation wide. In 1994 Jive picked up Sick Wid It to help with distribution. E-40's In a Major Way was the first release from the Sick Wid It/Jive camp and it went platinum. Suga T released Paper Chasin' (4eva Hustlin') on Jive as well, but was slept on by many people.

And then in 1996 B-Legit dropped The Hemp Museum. B-Legit spits major Game all over the album. He collaborated with Levitti, E-40, Kurupt(Tha Dogg Pound), C-Bo, Lil' Bruce, Darryl Hall, The Funk Mobb, Harm, D-Day and Big Bone. This album is the absolute bomb.

B-Legit shows his diversity with songs like "Check it Out", relating his views of the police and law enforcement. He then flips the script with "Ghetto Smile", a duet withe Darryl Hall where The Savage spits game about the past and growin' up. He thens drops a classic Mobb hit with "Niggaz get they Wig Split" with Celly Cela and C-Bo. This is the definition of Mobb Music, with the G-Tales and slow thumpin' bass lines.

B-Legit is not a rookie to this rap game and he has endured much in getting to this point. His new album is blowin' up and this brother is on the rise. He deserves major props for his effort in contributing to this ever changing game called hip-hop.