August Burns Red

August Burns Red - Twenty-One Grams lyrics

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As I follow you where you were living

Silence of the realm, or is that just the beginning?

What a thought the villain has

Thwart my past to feel sin your name

How much is too much? How far is too far?

As I push on, leaving everything behind

The thought benign, stress I'm ongoing

That's all gonna fly!

Only did a king die, toward my kissing

Still lets be, where was _____(?) to believe

I've tried to come thru'

Only besides the soul

In a moment you fall


In a moment you fall!

The facts are becoming nothingness transparent

Fortunately mixed with the thoughts

Of the ______(?) come weary

Tempting, beheading it

Essentially some touch to die

Throw it up for the revolution

Of the heart

I'm circling with the masses

How do I see

It's harder, gets harder to not be against it

I'm dealing through time, the lights are accepting

I'm trying I'm trying to perfectly behead it

Want to be only, we run with ______(?)

Once we deciphered the digressions

Want to have your way but repelled it

Want to die outside, so discretion!

Wait on me!

Wait on me!

Wait on me!

Let it ride past me

Wait on me!

Wait on me!

Wait on us!

As I follow you

Were we too late to

To the edge of the world

Where exactly is the beginning?

The only time that you ever know

Is when you're close to be extinct

That's when you bruise your eyes

With the memory of next time

Quickly, our paths running

Quickly, until we find this realm

Quickly, Quickly, it will only make you stronger (x2)

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