August Burns Red

Matt Greiner - drums Age: 19

What I'm Listening To: Extol, Between the Buried and Me, Scarlet, Into The Moat, A Life Once Lost, Bright Eyes, Muse, Zao, Meshuggah.

Summary Of Me: I love to play drums, listen to music, hang out with the group of friends (as well as make new friends). I would love to make a living playing music and touring, give music lessons, and own my own studio in a huge mansion on my own island.

Jordan Tuscan - bass guitar Age: 19

Currently Playing: Between the Buried and Me, Embraced, Converge, Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Asherah, A Life Once Lost, It Dies Today, Hayden, The Doves, Rooney, As I Lay Dying, Mortal Treason, On Broken Wings, Muse, From a Second Story Window, Sigur Ros, Into the Moat, etc.

Summary of Me: I love music, my bass, my insanely awesome friends, shows, my car, wanting to mosh, girls, van rides, fashion, cliché core, among other things

Brent Rambler - guitar Age: 21

Currently Listening To: Premonitions of War, Life In Your Way, Comeback Kid, Bury Your Dead, Death Cab, Blood Has Been Shed, A Life Once Lost, Figure Four, Symphony In Peril, The Bled, Albert React, Forever Is Forgotten, A Long Winter, Thirteen Over Eight, 7angels7plagues, Nodes of Ranvier

Summary Of Me: I currently enjoy the following activities- skiing, swimming, lifting, sometimes running, going to shows, playing shows, spending time with family/friends, playing "what would you rather do...", ice cream, pink lemonade, taboo(the board game), cookouts when it gets warm and many other things.

JB Brubaker - guitar Age: 21

Currently Listening To (This seems to change fairly often): Nada Surf, Spoon, Between The Buried and Me, Isis, One Dead Three Wounded, Misery signals, Converge, Matt Pond PA, Jimmy Eat World, Pelican, Unearth, and Cult Of Luna

Interests Include: Listening to music of all sorts, practicing guitar/writing songs/playing shows, ping pong, desserts, meeting new kids, moshing, Eagles football, being drug free, and going out to eat.

Josh McManness - vocals Age: 19

Currently Listening to: Converge, Beloved, MeWithoutYou, Dillinger Escape Plan, Love Drug, Between The Buried And Me, Life In Your Way, etc

Summary of Me: Everyone in the band calls me Mantis, because I'm like a preying mantis. Actually it's because they thought it'd be funny to twist my last name around. I enjoy playing basketball, drinking from the community water jug, and driving my old white Volvo around.