After over a year of major label courting from Interscope, Sony, Warner Bros, Atlantic and Universal, Minneapolis indie Hip Hop powerhouse Rhymesayers Entertainment and Atmosphere have opted to pass on all offers and continue forward with their independent approach at changing the game. With the majors left behind, Rhymesayers has found a kindred spirit with the seminal Punk label Epitaph, and a worldwide licensing deal will be releasing Seven’s Travels, the brand new full-length CD from indie Hip Hop troubadours Atmosphere on September 23rd.

Atmosphere consists of Slug on rhymes, Ant on beats and resident DJ Mr. Dibbs. Due to years of touring and Slug’s personal lyrical style Atmosphere has become legends in the underground Hip Hop scene and beyond. With a massive following of not only die-hard Hip Hop heads but indie rockers, punks, and not to mention one of Hip Hop’s largest female followings, Atmosphere is breaking down barriers and expanding the definition of what Hip Hop can be in this day and age.

Seven’s Travels is the 4th Atmosphere studio album and takes you on a metaphorical journey with Slug (aka Seven) through politics, emotions and the physical. Once again Slug showcases a unique ability to transmit personal truths and experiences in a way that very few Hip Hop or any other form of popular music has been able to achieve. Not only has Slug enhanced his writing but the production of Ant has also become even more complex, rhythmic and funky. Simply put, Seven’s Trails is more energetic, passionate, funnier and wiser than anything they’ve done to date.

Many may wonder why an established Punk label would put out a Hip Hop record or possibly why a recognizable indie Hip Hop label and group would choose Epitaph to license a record to? Well, there has been a resurgence of the independent Hip Hop scene burrowing underground for some time now, creating a movement most notably represented by Atmosphere as well as like-minded artists including Living Legends, Sage Francis, EL-P, Aceyalone, J-Live, Aesop Rock and others that have established an underground phenomenon rooted in the same values and ethics that Punk Rock is, at it’s best, known for. Besides the similarities in philosophy this is all music and a wise man once said, “music, food and love are all universal and as long as it’s good, people will listen, eat and f_ _ _!”