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Don't tell me what you are

Don't tell me what you're after

Don't tell me what you want

Don't tell me what you need

Aren't you just the one to always point the finger

I don't care for you 'cos you don't care for me !

U bring me down........repeat


U bring me down/You're giving me no hope

Sucking off our land/Blowing off the smoke

Virus in the veins/That run into the sea

Poisoning the world/With you're generosity

U bring me down/You're killing me with lies

You take away our ears/ Won't take away my eyes

The red red sea will return unto the vein

Covering the world/Are you happy with your gain


I could breathe, I could fly

The day before you came

(Think you own my skin now)

Break the chains, free the slave

Turn the tides against you now

Talking to the sky

You promise evolution

Progression of the mind

By selling of the soul

The last will be the first

In the dust of revolution

Someone cares for me

But no one cares for you


Will I breathe? Will I see?

Far beneath the clearest stream

(To the deepest ocean)

Break the chains, free the slaves

Give back the blood, that you drain from this world now

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