Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale - fabulous remix with dance references only for 2

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it's out with the old (move both hands round in circles once)

in with the new(put your hands in front of you and move forward circles)

goodbye skys of gray(do a goodbye sign)

hello skys of blue(do a hello wave)

a dip in the pool(move your hand out in a wave)

a trip to the spa(pretend to put something on your arm)

endless days in the shade (move arm from front to behind in a circle)

the whole world according to mia (put your both hands on your chest)

'excuse me,thankyou'

ice tea imported from england (budge person no 1 out the way)

lifeguards imported from spain (budge person no 2 out the way)

towels imported from tukey(push peson no 1 out the way)

and turkey imported from miiiia ( scowl at each other)

were going to relax and renew

you go do (pretend to push no 2 on the floor,(no2 falls on the floor)(no 2 stand up quckly and dust yourself of)

i want fabulous (do a celeb pose both of you)

that is my simple resquest(put hands up and cross them and look down)

all things fabulous (move hand out shakly 180 degress)

bigger and better and best(both do cartwheels)

i want something inspiring to help me get along (join hands and twirl around)

i need a little fabulous (both do a celeb pose)

is that so wrong(do a no no no signal)

fabulous shoes and faboulous things(touch shoes and point to a thing.)

(shouting) I NEED EVERYTHING!!(fall and do the splits if cant do them just fall over both of you

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Thanks to hannah

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