ARMORED SAINT - Muscle Memory lyrics

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I read the news, every day I try

Switch back and forth between a scald and a smile

People lift me up or drop me flat like a stone

Still I wanna believe in them

My clan comes number one in the fight

We brought souls in this world, and we'll do it right

Thought my music swing like a pendulum

They know where my heart comes from

Like _____(?) did it, party friend, and he told me

It's only water off a duck's back in the stream

Facing lack of mint, facing lack of wind

But either way, you're facing it

Feeling your head underneath your feathers

Sing us a song, son

Yes, erratic, sure, but your heraldic is lost


Muscle memory is what I used to carry me

Muscle memory, in a way I wouldn't ______(?)

Muscle memory, I'll live with stuff I know

Muscle memory, will put my feet down in you

(Verse 2)

I want music to bring me down on my knees

Make me sound like an infant, make me angry

Give me the shreds, boo me back up

Make my mind explode

Things that matter I can't afford

Get my shit together and get on board

Shed every pound, melt it away

Rip that overweight, Lord

Putting your head underneath the sand

It's a call to the world of kill

Volcano, wrath of storm, but your legacy stands tall


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