Though Armored Saint acheived a reasonable level of success in the mid-eighties (and is enjoying renewed popularity since reforming in 1999), it can be argued that they never quite lived up to their early potential. The band was hugely popular in the LA club circuit in their early years, and big things were predicted by many. But the superstardom never quite materialized -- one reason might have been signing to a major label (Chrysalis) that really had no idea how to promote a metal band. The albums that followed the signing were capable, Priest-inspired metal, fine in many respect but perhaps lacking a certain something that might have propelled them further. With the passing of guitarist David Pritchard due to leukemia in 1990, the band lost heart, managing to finish the Symbol Of Salvation album in tribute to Pritchard before John Bush departed to Anthrax, at which point the band called it a day.

In late 1998, the Salvation lineup began the process of reforming. Though Bush and Joey Vera (now in Fates Warning) are continuing in their other bands, Armored Saint is alive once again, releasing the Revelation album (very much in the traditional Saint mold) earlier in 2000.