ARMORED SAINT - An Exercise In Debauchery lyrics

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He never killed anyone, but he hurt somebody's feelings once

Pushed in the corner with a shame dress, dumb like a _____(?)

Is it global decay when you peel off the skin?

Magazine stated teens, Jeez, where have you been?


Is it a spot of perverts today

That rap like no hanging through

Keep dirty secrets tucked away

Or lamb (?!), nothing wrong with the truth


An Exercise In Debauchery

How's it feel, a great catastrophe

Puts out all rays, ends up in misery

It's an exercise in debauchery

(Verse 2)

You won't care about this later when you're finished, I'm sure

You need to figure things out, but your vision's a blur

When you come out these things is what I ask of myself

It's sure addiction to smuck, man, you really need help


Hard not to run from cleeves today

Get close so give 'em a boot

Your claim your rises are safe and sound

But doubts are getting down to the road, no


It's An Exercise In Debauchery

Hanging out with no good company

Waste of time and deal accordingly

We exercise in debauchery

(Guitar solo)


In Venice, __________(?)

The _________(?) have something to hide

In Venice it's people to watch

Could be there, but then you'd get caught

You're hiding behind the sun

Look at what you've become

In darkness kids wait and glare

You'll be there, be where


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