On the contrary to what their bandname tells you, AMERICAN HEARTBREAK sounds very British. Heck, even the bandname comes from a song made by a British band (GIRL). The Poppunk of "Postcards from Hell" is very close to the sound that the WILDHEARTS more or less invented in the early nineties.

AMERICAN HEARTBREAK’s debutEP "What You deserve" was impressive though it had some flaws productionswise. "Postcards from Hell" gives a much more professional impression. Vocalist Lance Bone sings with that teenage angst and anger that few can match. The Productions is way better. The Songs are more interesting and catchy. The only weakness is that they tend to blur a bit. It takes a couple of listens before every song’s identity comes clear. Somewhere between track one -"Superstar"- and track thirteen -"I Wish you were d.e.a.d." - (this heartbreakers sure know how to write a postcard don’t they?) I came to the conclusion that this is one of the best albums of the new millenium.

AMERICAN HEARTBEAK does have the tools to break hearts all over the world. Great Britain, Scandinavia and Japan are all potential markets for this SFrockers. If San Francisco is hell, I recommend more bands to take the highway to the bay area for inspiration. By the way, the CD contains a bonussong – NEW YORK DOLLS’ "Trash". Trash - pick it up. I recommend the latter.