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yeeeahhh ooooooooo hell no hell noo its going down tonight hell no yeaa ......

sat back and i watched you cry throwing dat shit gotta stop dont think i'm hurt coz in the back of the lac i find a female shirt

you can run but you cant hide i know to much to hear those lies what i say gonna go and if you ask me to leave i'mma say hell no

[chorus] uh-uh hell no you aint taking the benz you aint chill'in at the club with none of your friends uh-uh hell no boy you think you slick trna go to the bar to see that bitch uh-uh hell no i dont play no games what you doing right now what you did back in the day uh -uh hell no i dont mess wit kids if you dont like the way i am it is what it is

cant give me respect better rip your grip never talk back boy coz i'm your pimp (pimp ,pimp.) oh your dont like that you dont like when i fight back coz you can handle it i can talk to dudes but you can talk to tricks


you dont wanna test me have to call the police to come a arrest me you know what the rest be i'll come to the crib and tear the door down tell me who's da hoe now tell me who runs the show now everything you got is because i pay for you all the money you have is because i save you boy i sit you on my couch like you's my son you dont wanna play with me boy i aint the one


till the end of song

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