Alan Parsons Project

Alan Parsons Project - DON'T LET THE MOMENT PASS

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Lead Vocal: Marti Webb

This golden day will be mine

For every moment in time

If time should lose her way

A symphony in the night

Of stars that dance in the light

And music far away

They say that love is but a dance

Don't let the music fade away

Don't let the moment pass

Without reason or rhyme

The sweet bouquet of the wine

Will vanish in the air

The innocence of the rose

She leaves where she goes

For all the world to share

Some days when clouds are drifting by

I open my eyes and watch them go

And wonder where they fly

Some nights Orion runs too fast

I look to the stars as if to say

Don't let the moment pass

But soon a golden age is past

Just when it seemed that miracles

Where not too much to ask

And though the world may turn too fast

If it should seem like paradise

Don't let the moment pass

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