ALABAMA - Christmas In Your Arms

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Written by bill anderson and steve wariner<br><br>All my friens are asking me where I plan to spend the holidays<br>People seem to celebrate the season in so many different ways<br>Some go where the weather's freezing cold while others like it warm<br>I don't care about the weather just whether I spend christmas in your arms<br><br>Chorus:<br>We could drive up to the mountains, build a fire and watch it snow<br>We could sail down to the islands where the gentle breezes blow<br>I'd be happy in the city, I'd be happy on the farm<br>I don't care whre I spend christmas as long as I spend christmas in your arms<br><br>It was only last december I had no christmas spirir in my heart<br>My world lay cold and shattered in the ashes of a dream that fell apart<br>But now you're here beside me, no greater gift is wrapped beneath my tree<br>And the arms you wrap around me and the precious gift of love you give to me<br><br>Chorus<br><br>I don't care where I spend christmas as long as I spend christmas in your arms

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