Heavily influenced by Billy Bragg and the sounds of the "Dirty South", Against Me! cleverly disguise their strong leftist opinions with sincere poetic lyrics. With a signature punk sound driven by distinct vocals, they defy all genres and incorporate aspects of alt-country, hardcore, folk, punk, and even blues. As the pride of Gainesville, their punk-as-fuck ethics have earned them a colossal fan following and the respect of the greater music community.

Thomas(Gable): Guitar/Vocals
Andrew: Bass
James: Guitar/Vocals
Warren: Drums

Reinventing Axle Rose LP/CD
Against ME! Acoustic 7"/CDep
Crime as Forgiven by Against Me! 7"/CDep
The Disco Before the Breakdown 7"/CDep
As the Eternal Cowboy LP/CD
S/T (a.k.a "jordan's 1st choice") 7"/CDep
S/T 12" ep
Vivada Vis Demo Tape
Cavalier Eternal 7"
Sink, Florida, Sink 7"
We're Never Going Home DVD
I Like To Hang Out In Gainesville VHS