A Thousand Falling Skies is an emotionally driven metalcore band from Connecticut. The band was formed as a side project in February 2001 and soon after became the full time focus after the two previous groups split up.

Members of A Thousand Falling Skies consist of Pedro, Dave K., J.P., George and Dave A.. J.P. and Georges' past band Scars Will Heal had left a small impression in New England with the emergence of Dave K., formerly of Cyberchrist and All My Sins, but the band couldn't hold together with reoccurring problems with the other members. Pedro and Dave K. who had recently left All My Sins, another name in the New England scene, were quick to start up a more meaningful project with J.P. and George. Nearly a year later emerged Dave A., a knowledgeable bass player off Asbestos Records band All Held Victim. With this addition, A Thousand Falling Skies set off to accomplish what they have talked about since the beginning.

A Thousand Falling Skies is a tight knit group dedicating themselves to everything, whether it be promotion, writing of new material, or endless shows, it is done together. The band strives hard at making driving melodies with heavy grooves and heart-felt lyrics compiling a variety of styles of music to create something new and ear pleasing for everyone. Perseverance and love of music is what makes up A Thousand Falling Skies.

Dave K.-guitar
Dave A.-Bass

Source: http://www.athousandfallingskies.com/