A Death for every sin (A.D.F.E.S.) is most comonly known as 'the bog eaters'. there are threee members of this band, boner man, bog farted and the funny turd man. boner man is a rather retarded un-co with a very stupid sence of humor. he wanted to make the band a band filled with turkeys and penguins. but the penguins ate al;lt he turkeys an that was the end of that. so he desided to put in elepant instead ot turkeys but bog farted suffocated in the elephant turds.

The funny Turd man started off as a toilet cleaner but then graduated in camel school to become a qualified giraffe. One day while grazing happilly in the fields he was attacked by a man eating fly from mars and got three of his seven legs eaten off. Therefore he could not follow his dreams to go in the camel league and get all seven camel badges and collect all the camelmons. but for some reason he grew back 14 legs and entered in the compotition any way. but the man eating fly from mars attacked again and this time it was war. the funny turd man fought the fly with his stick of celery but was defeted by a carrot. that was the end of the funny turd man. OR WAS IT ?????

Halfway around the toilet bowl in the bog-ridden land of bogsville bog farted interupted his pride and joy (a giant turd he was producing) because he fell on a tree stump which got stuck up his ass. it is still to this very day. some say it will never come out. others say it will. one day bog farted thought up a brilliant idea . he thought that he might could be able to fart out the tree stump but dies of constipation.

meanwhile boner man is writing a song it went something like this
bump bump bump da da da ner ner bump BUMP
it became a hit song in 1923. just after he got married in 1904 he desided he wood like to try and cook himself in an oven to get a tan but froze to death in 1846.

A Death for every sin was a truly inspiring band considering that they never met an they were complete retards. some say they will never meet. but others say they will. some say that they hav already met each other. but others dont.