50 CENT - U Heard Me lyrics

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(50 Cent) Uh huh...yea Verse 1 Shorty the Henny got me feeling right Ya heard me? My momma gone you could spend the night Ya heard me? I'm not playing I'm trying to fuck tonight Ya heard me? Clothes off face down ass up c'mon Shorty you roll with the winners right Ya heard me? You see now me I got my money right Ya heard me? I'm tryin to teach you how to play, how the big boys play When you come around my way Ya heard me? You see the Bentley got the 20 inch crome Ya heard me? You could get in but don't touch the phone Ya heard me? Money come money go I know But everytime I flow it's mo money fa sho Ya heard me? In the street niggas sayin I'm nice Ya heard me? Watch flooded no more room for ice Ya heard me? Niggas be on tv struttin' hard And in the hood the same niggas that be gettin' robbed Ya heard me? You might hear I get shot but I don't get robbed Cause me, I be on my jog (Chorus) You like it when I back that ass up on you? (50 Cent) Ooh, baby I like it, I like it When I work that ass, that ass (50 Cent) Baby I like it, I like it when you put it on me I got a Kool-Aid smile And baby I like it, I like it (50 Cent) Everytime we dance you make it worth my while And baby I like it, I like it Verse 2 Shorty if you wanna roll with some ballers and shot callers I wanna make sure you hear me Ya heard me? We rap now we rollin and I'm holdin' And I'm gonna make sure you hear me Ya heard me? I freak off with the video chicks Ya heard me? Sweatin' tracks out in back of the 6 Ya heard me? MTV they gonna play my hits Ya heard me? Even though I'm real ghetto and shit Ya heard me? I got a g niggas shoot that ace Ya heard me? Your ass bettin' I'm gonna cut your face Ya heard me? Last thing I need is to catch a new case I don't know nothing about them high heads but I sell base Ya heard me? The city boys trying to kill a kid Ya heard me? Shot me up in front of my crib Ya heard me? He had the drop I couldn't run from him Shot in the hand trying to take the fucking gun from him Ya heard me? Little homie saying "50 you tough" Ya heard me? 9 shots just wasn't enough Ya heard me? (Chorus) Verse 3 Nigga you best be commin' up with my cash Ya heard me? Don't make me go and get the Gat out the stash Ya heard me? I'll come back and pop one in your ass Ya heard me? Don't play wit the money, no not with the money Niggas get knocked when they start playing games Ya heard me? Stop telling the police my name Ya heard me? I don't mind givin chicks them tips Ya heard me? They let me play with then tits and hips Ya heard me? When I come through they know I'm a thug Out in Atlanta in the gentlemen's club Ya heard me? I rap but I'm still selling them o's Ya heard me? My man Mike still pimpin' them hoes Ya heard me? He said if the hoe knew better she'd come do better And make a pimp more chedder Ya heard me? (Chorus) (50 Cent) 50 make it crazy in the club I'm speaking clearly so you can hear me I come through niggas always show me love I'm speaking clearly so y'all can hear me Niggas want beef, y'all could see me in the street I'm speaking clearly so you can hear me But you better come correct, cause we move around with heat I'm speaking clearly so y'all can hear me

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