50 CENT - I’m The Man lyrics

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(Prod. By Sonny Digital)


I came in the world cryin' and fussin'

Nigga we ain't have nothin'

Every ghetto I know, the same

We tryna make a lil change

Preacher man come around talkin'

I don't wanna hear it, keep walkin'

I'mma put the powder in the pocket

Whip it till I'm pullin' off a lot

Imagine when I'm pullin' off the lot

New shit, call it outta top

Want some more, I ain't neva gon' stop

Bitch, I'm on, I ain't neva gon' stop


Aye, came in the game gettin' money

Flip the chickens, whip and get the money

Niggas get to playin' with the money clip

Bang for the money shit, changed ova money

They luv to see a nigga ova bottom

Catch it comin', gotta keep it on the low

Nigga plubless, a nigga with a hoe

Wanna break the bitch down into 36 hoes

Lookey here, bitch, I'm aye ok

Shawty wan' fuck with me, strippin' it and jiggin' it

When she gon' hit my line, we ain't gon' waste no time

Suckin' and we fuckin' like she need me

Plus she make a bank roll easy

Or the light in the room from the TV

We gettin' it on then I'm gone

It's the type of shit a nigga be on


Too much on my mind right now

I'm on the grind right now

Lookin' fo' me sucka, then I need to be found right now

I got my .9 right now, bitch I'll blow yo mind right now

I ain't fuckin' round right now

Betta get in line right now

I'll fuck around and die right now

Hope ya understand that

(Hook x4)

Bitch, I'm the ma, hoe I'm the man

Ya know I'm the man

(Verse 2)

I’m a bonifide grade A hustler

A1 day one they can’t touch ya

Nigga like me I be with this shit

Try to stick me, I’ma get ya hit

Do ya know just how I get down

Bad bitches around, they smoking and they drinking

And I’m thinking it could all work out, send yo bitch back blown out

It’s never nothing personal, believe me

Fuck her yo bitch don’t wanna leave me

She talkin' bout takin' flights, tonight when I'm outta town

When I'm not around, she want me to fly in and to put it down

It's nothin' to a real nigga, had that ass flyin' in first class

Cuz you seemed to be regular, she don't want nothin' regular

Got me on when she talked Spanish, that fat ass

She know I wanna get with it, so later let's get it


(Hook x4)

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