50 CENT - G-Unit/U.T.P. lyrics

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[Male voice talking]

Right now with the situation gettin' better

So I'm doin' you things, holla

[50 Cent]

Yeah, 50 Cent, uh huh, check me out

Now piece by piece we put it all together

Time to get this dough nigga, it's now or never

I'm wild as ever, foul as ever

Reap whatever, whatever, whatever

They say I'm a slick talker, shit talker

Grimy ass New Yorker

Come gutcha, gum futcher, lay your ass out

If you ever catch beef nigga, call on me

If you fucked up in school nigga, it's all on me

I get a left foot to drop a nigga, pistol to pop a nigga

Break you off proper nigga, the cops ain't gonna stop a nigga (yeah)

Let's get this money man, them hos come with the paper

I'm done to go wherever this game takes us

Look homey, you see my 22's, sittin' on low bros

That simple mathematics, that equal more hoes

I smoke a lot of dro, I got a lot of flows

Shit I didn't have to say that, y'all already know

[Chorus] - 2X

From New York to New Orleans

A problem, holla at me

My niggas comin' to see

If everythin' is alright

Ya'll niggas can blow some trees

Have coke and some Hennessey

My niggas from U.T.P.

Everythin' is alright

[Young Buck]

For those who couldn't figure me out, what this nigga be bout

Cookin' it, and cuttin' it, and flippin' it, in 24 hours

Cause I keep a dyke, on the back of the bike

In the summertime the white

Air Force One's, Louie Baton, Nike style (woo)

Don't really talk much (uh huh), I let my money speak

I know you saw us, shit we a 100 deep

I'm sippin' Don, with Juan, Bird, and smokin' weed

Shakin' them haters off, bouncin' to this jukin' beat

Fuckin' with 50, cause he strictly about head bustin'

Lettin' New York know these Unica niggas ain't stuntin'

Nigga we ain't runnin', I guarantee you that

After these messages we'll be right back

Take off that necklace a, because this tech will hit a

Innocent bystander who don't respect a nigga

After you finish your collard greens and cornbread

Get you a glock, and come around here where my mom stayin'


[Bun B]

From South I 95, 85, 65 right at the I 10, get your money widened

I got the Columbian, and I'm gonna hold 'em down

When you get close, call nigga I'm gonna guide you down

You got it now, (got it), well then what time you leavin'

In a couple of hours, some time close to this evenin'

What us speed with V8, them cops then heated

They locked my partner Gus up for smokin' weed and speedin'

But he'll be home though, probably about the same time you get ya

Shit yeah, seems like we paid his bond like last year

But anyway, you know that thing we thought that was, but wasn't?

Well come to find out, my homey found somethin'

But he had to choke a bitch, and fo' pound somethin'

Cause I told him, what you told me about the chump and he chumped 'em

Put the barrel bottle pump, and pumped 'em

And pumped 'em and pumped 'em, and pumped 'em and pumped 'em


(Male voice talking)

We over here, E, shots of, sippin' on Courvoisier

Yeah Rockin' exclusive, haha, haha

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