3RD BASS - Kick Em In The Grill

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[serch] aiyyo pete, it's chubbs<br>[chubb] sup g? <br>[serch] yo pete<br>[nice] yo serch<br>[serch] you know people tryin to gel us right? <br>Try to gel<br>[chubb] yeah dat<br>[serch] so you know we gotta we gotta rip this<br>[chubb] serch let's go kick that shit g<br>Drop it right here<br>[serch] right here, like an asshole<br>[chubb] one two<br>[serch] one two, ya don't stop<br><br>[mc serch]<br>Grooves get kicked as serch tries to flip like coins<br>Pain, like the foot to groins<br>3 strikes but I didn't gel the head yet<br>Why you still vexed over things I haven't even said yet<br>Yo pete, put you part-time like temps<br>Scale like a fence, put you in the past tense<br>You tried speedin but you ain't fast enough to chase me<br>So what I did this, ? ? bring the kit to ben case<br>And don't waste time<br>Dopest tracks, so why you gonna waste rhymes? <br>I absorb like a sponge in the bozack<br>I'm trifle, get the rifle, or I step back and crack slugs<br>And my crew give pounds and hugs<br>Tugs on my shirt, let me know that I'm still pro-fessional<br>And at the end of the session, you'll know<br>That the 3rd'll disturb the verb with the noun<br>Shift the sound, so get up and get down, serch'll never stand still<br>Try to flam I'll be like claude van damme and just kick em in the grill<br><br>{kick em in the grill..} {3rd bass}<br>{kick em in the grill..} {I'm chubb rock}<br>{kick em in the grill..} {serch!}<br>{kick em in the grill.. grill.. grill pete!}<br><br>[pete nice]<br>? ? like a camel to ? ? <br>Missin the points of ? ? spliffs<br>If you wanna gamble, let it flow<br>I ain't al jolson and sambo<br>Low like a buddhist sniffin ? tree<br>But that booty fat bass it ain't movin me<br>To be or not to be on, your fm<br>Step to the am, the gimmicks, I'll play em<br>I say em while I'm takin 40 swigs<br>A chinaman eats with two twigs<br>Called your numbed, 9-7-0 piss<br>Goodfella, you can tell you're on my hitlist<br>For this I stick like a splinter<br>Play ya like a sphincter cause my title's minister<br>Serch said kick em, I gas em and trick em<br>Rhymes like ? ? , now chubb, stick em<br><br>[chubb rock]<br>Jump jump with the man with the plan, chubb rock<br>You know, a judo, a chop chop chop<br>From stereo monarch rationalize the grammar<br>It's like that and ah.. and ih.. ih.. if I stammer<br>Or sa-st-stutter, english found in the gutter<br>Or the sewer, while I talk like pete puma<br>How many lumps do you want inside your coffee? <br>Isn't about time, isn't about time, you stepped off me? <br>Yo chubb - are you the best, are you the one<br>That ? ? large chest, well, nevertheless my<br>Finger won't do the walkin through cleavage<br>I got a girl of my own, she's at home<br>Chubb is not conceited, I'm convinced of the fact<br>Vanilla sold seven million copies of some shit that was wack<br>He can wrap, his lips around a big black cock<br>He needs no more pressed, let me stop<br>Cherry crusaders, clean clairvoyany concepts<br>Claiming critical conversations that came in..to view<br>Of 3rd bass mixed with chubb rock until<br>We kick the motherfucker in his, umm<br>G-r-i-l-l-l, word up that's the grill<br><br>[mc serch]<br>Chill!<br>Hold up, chubbs, you got lifted<br>{word up} what's the science?

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