3RD BASS - Flippin' Off The Wall Like Lucy Ball

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[mc serch singing throughout]<br><br>But my balls itch!! *laughter*<br><br>Oooooooooh!<br>Dedicated to my man, pete nice, knahmsayin? *laughter*<br>Oahhhh I got.. ha hahahah! *uncontrollable laughter*<br>Oahhhhhhh, when I was a little baby<br>Little baby boy, hooooh!<br>A little itty bitty baby boy<br>I was blessed with soul.. *more laughter as the beat stops*<br><br>This is def, hoooooh!<br>Mmmmmmmm..<br>This goes, this goes back<br>This takes me back to 1940's, when I was a little baby down<br>In new orleans sittin on kevin reynold's lap<br>And he said to me, son you've got so much soul..<br>You've.. hooooh you've got, soul comin out your ass *laughter*<br>Now peep this, see..<br>You've gotta take this back down south<br>Oh I'm buggin, I'm flippin<br>Hahahahaha, huh, flippin right? <br><br>Now see you, got to understand where this is comin from<br>Little white boy, down south<br>No motherfuckin white people around<br>And they said to me, they said, white boy! *laughter*<br>You've got a whole, mess of soul<br>They said, white boy!<br>You gonna grow up, to have so much soul<br>A little little itty bitty baby boy!<br>Ha hah.. oh shit!<br><br>Hohhhhhh, you've got soul<br>Way down in your little itty bitty baby toes<br>You got soul..<br>You've got so much soul it's comin out your asshole!<br>Whohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhle mess of soul<br>They said, kevin! when you grow up<br>Gonna work with a lot of white people think they're black!<br>*laughter*<br>They said, oahhhhhh, kevin boy!<br>When you grow up, you gonna go to the big city<br>Meet a, man named peter<br>Gonna look like a white boy but he's a def mc<br>He got soul.. comin out his asshole!

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