3RD BASS - Al'z A-b-cee'z

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[alan]<br>A-b-c-d-e<br>(wait, alan,<br>May I interest you in coming over to the giggenbush wit me? )<br>No no no, dis is my spot<br>Don't try and steal my spot<br>A - a is for the atrocious acts that you abominated and committed<br>A is also for ass, ate nine, eight seven and six<br>B b b<br>B is for your belligerent bitchy bottomous state of affairs bad bwoy<br>C is for the cantankerous condition of your character<br>You have no cutout<br>D is for the downright dastardly deeds that you do, dummy<br>Despite your degradations, +dialect+ distributed by disc<br>$12.95 for record and $10.95 for tape<br>E - e is for the everlasting thorn in my flesh<br>F is for flesh itself - fuck you!<br>G - get out my house<br>H - homer<br>I - idiot<br>J - jackoff<br>King, king k<br>Alan king of my castle<br>L is for the locquacious letter I'm about to lacerate your fatass wit<br>M - my, my, my, my, my son<br>Alan are you mad? the question is no<br>N - n is for new york city<br>O - oh o, oh no<br>You mean o oppression? ostrich-sized oppression<br>P - the plague that plagued our family name bitch!<br>Q - quote<br>Don't you question your quacky quagmire within your intelligence quotient? <br>Unquote<br>R r, r - you mean r r, are you ready? <br>Rash ravager, rudeness, unruly rambunctious rickety<br>Rough, rest {*snores*} resume<br>S - shitty, savage sacred - you sucker<br>T t t - you wan tea bwoy? wake up and smell da coffee!<br>U - you will never understand<br>V - vamoose, you vicious vermin<br>W w {*crying*} w is for the tears.. you make me wept<br>X, x - x amount of times I tell you<br>You could have gone to xavier to study the xylophone<br>Y? i don't know<br>Z is for zany, picture perfect like zenith<br>Z is for zoom, ok, clock z's

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