2GETHER - You're My Baby Girl

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Performed by 2gether<br>Written by brian gunn, mark gunn, nigel dick and evan farmer<br><br>*whistles to tune*<br><br>12th of april<br>We decided it was time<br>I was feelin good<br>And you were lookin fine<br>On the basement floor<br>With trl behind<br>You were lovin me with carson daly on your mind<br><br>Chorus<br>You're my baby girl<br>You know that you are<br>You're my honey bunch<br>Yeah, my sweet lucky star<br>(sweet lucky star)<br>So put your hand in mine<br>I will slap your sweet behind<br>You're my baby girl<br>(my baby girl)<br><br>E is for erin, and makin out with you<br>R is for romp that's what you like to do (like to do)<br>I is for eyes that are smilin back at me<br>N is for nasty which we do constantly<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Hot dogs, hamburgers<br>With buns that will please<br>Erin likes the ketchup,<br>But go easy on the cheese.<br>I like to look down on her<br>Naked from above<br>She's just like gwyneth paltrow I'm like shakespeare in love<br><br>Repeat chorus<br>You're the one I really want<br>Repeat chorus until fade

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