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Release date: 1. November 1999

Album: Welcome to Zididada

She is wondering where I am (I know that somebody)

wondering where to find her men (whisper in your ear)

loneliness and suffering (tellin' you lies)

among the feelings which I bring (I am not allowed to hear)

I can't live without you

I can't breathe without you

I can't dream without you

You know I care about you

And I will never let you down

I will always be around

No I could never walk away

And I will always fight to stay

I know that somebody

wisper in your ear

Telling you lies

I am not allowed to hear

Imagine sun without the rain

imagine fun without the pain

I hope and pray you'll understand

without your love I am half a man

I can't live..

And I will never...

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