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Release date: 1. November 2000

Album: Have a zididada day

Okay - I'm not as cool as you

Never had my big break through

Why I never did it right

Guess That's how I am

Now you wont hesitate to say

Come on make my day

Okay - but it's easier to say

I'm crazy you know


I might be crazy

but i'm cool enough for you

I might be crazy

but i do know what i'm going through

I might be crazy

But it's good enough for me

As good as it can be

(whistle whistle)

You consider me a fool

Hope I'm fool enough for you

How pathetic it may seem

I'm still crazy you know


How dare you believe

You're better than me

Cause I know it's common policy

To control insanity


I'm still crazy


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