ZHU - Paradise Awaits Pt. 2 lyrics

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Feat. Goldlink

The insane pussy

I didn’t know it

I never showed no fear

I never lick them

I never trust them

If I show a nigga then I bust him

And I don't fuck with any rapper that I'm comin' up with

You told your girls that I was sexy when I really wasn't

You told me that you really loved me but you really lusted

Then your ex came along, then the anger in my songs

Then I wanna fuck your brains until the cold soul ...

Real eyes realize real lies, no lies when I lick them thighs

No strings, no ropes, no ties

Only time's when I lay you down and peep... it like it's mine

Paradise awaits, alleviate your waist

And you’re nasty so we’re doing it on the dark

You turn your phone

You touched your white line

I wanna be your lover

Don’t wanna be your friend

Girls let’s explore each other

Don’t want the thing to end

And I’mma do it again and again

And you grab me from my back

And you’re kissin’ on my lips

And they can crash each other

I think it’s time that we let each other’s lives

Turn up in every place

I feel

I feel

Do you want to be my lover?

To be my lover

To be my queen

I can’t see your face

Kiss me in my dreams

Paradise awaits

Thanks to Camelia for correcting these lyrics

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