ZHU - As Crazy As It Is 002 lyrics

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(Hook x 2)

I can‘t llive with you

But I can’t either live without you babe

I can’t hide the truth

That we don’t love the way that we use to babe

(Verse x 2)

As crazy at it is , I don’t wanna leave you, I don’t wanna go nowhere

As crazy at it is, I know really need you

Even thou you alwayse actin’


I say I rise and I miss ya

Witch one take me one, take you with me?

Home girl, never dangerous history

She tell me want me here then she trick me

Me off with steam got me anytime when you will need me

She wanna read the music whe it kink me

No she can’t get me rock when it kink me

(Hook x 2)


Gotta, beg your pardon, by this oller coster

Like a roasin’ my girl and with thunds undecide

When you give me love, I swear this scream

Seein’ you feature, say it’s over like a lime


Said, he go nowhere

Its the only way to tell myself the truth

But it’s hardr to say

This the really way I live without you

(Hook x 2)

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