Zavorash - Human Delirium

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During Times To Elderly To Be Thought Of, Thirsting I Was So I Drank The Eons Wine

Instantly Was I Forlorn In Divine Wisdom, My Grave Was Now Made Centuries Ago

Forgotten Was I Now Long Before My Birth, Without Regret I Opened The Gates To Earth

Amongst The Stones And Dust Of Battles Lost, I Hunted And Laughed For God I Now Was

Though Lost Was I Once Before Reality Was Brought Asunder

Dead Was I Once During Times When Lost Were The Poisen Wine

But In Strength I Arose And Devoured The Universe

And Became My Own Precious Lord And Slave

So Rightly I Call Myself The Powered Very Essence

"By Which Their Pestilent Prayers Are Formed

Life Did Once Teach Me The Most Horrid Of Lessons

Though Still, They Fail To Grasp, I Am Not Horned

But As All Gods Should I Be Adorned!"

I Represent The Denied And Dead Universal Error

In Close Parallels I Mock The Worshipped Truth

My Shining Aura Is That Of A Great Emperor

And In My Chronicles There Is No Sign Of Truce

My Names Are Many, Forever I Am Known

An Angel, Savior, Whore Or Ruler

As I Dance Through The Crippled Walls Of Moral

And Damn Only Those Who Speak The Truth

I Am Rationalisms' Very Foundation, Still Insanity Is My God-given Name

Truth Is For Me Monumental, Still Through Illusions I Reign

The Paradox Of My Hybris Is Striking, As I Demand To Be King Of Existence

As I Rape And Torture In Blackest Hate, "Mankind, How I Love Thy Contradictive Faith"

Yet, But A Humble Slave To The Present Word I Am

Yet, I Kneel On The Cold Deaf Stone

Though We All Have Errors, Only Others We Scorn

For I Am I Creature Of Honor

And I Have My Precious Soul

The Future Shalt Reap My Crimes

"Made Real By A Horde Of Ruling Sheep

I Shalt No Death Of Theirs Weep..."

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