Zavorash - Dying Beneath

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With Evil In Eye They Arise At Night

Spreading Wings Over Moonshine Skies

When They Ascend With Winds To Flight

Then It Is Time For The Darkened Tide To Arrive

Desecrated Domains Dying Beneath

Delighted They Spread Death To Acheve

A Kingdom Of Bones And Frozen Eyes

Ravished Souls Still Tortured In Ice

The Vision Is Black With Spots Of Red

The Goal Is Death And Sorrow To Dwell

And Fear To Strike The Pethetic Breed

Complete Evil Is What They Acheve

They Will Bring The Divine Sons Head On A Pole

Then Multiply The Nails In His Father

Then In Mystical Rites Cry

And Spread Their Shadows Of Murder

I Great Them Also To Give Me Wings

They Need Not Seek To Take My Heart

Heel To Heel We Will Rise In The Winds

To Fly With Glowing Eyes

And Crush The Foundations Of Light We See

Them As Plague Us As Remedy

We Are Streams Of Bloodlust Coming Down

Soon To Become A River

The Legion Great Them As Allies

The World Great Them As Death

Blessed By Evil Before The Start Of Time

And They Still Rule The Astral Worlds

Devestated Dying Lands Beneath

Is Not Enough To Their Lust Apeace

Thee Might Have Hid In The Light Till Now

Now None Shall Save In The Darkened Tide

Erased Empires Stand Witness

Again Their Offspring Shall Fall

Never The Subject Of Forgivness

So Laughed At By My Horde

Several Melliniums Passed Blindly

Behold Now A Dark Dawn

Where None Shall Save

Where Only Die You May

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