Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band - Wildfire

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Well, nothin' bout lovin' you is gonna be easy

Neva been the kind who would eva play it safe

If you wanna come along then you best believe me

Makin' you a promise that I'm neva gonna break


Got you burnin' like a wildfire baby, burnin' outta control

Take you walkin' on high line, crazy, no net down below

It's gonna get a lil bit too far out there

Just you wait and see, luv you like a wildfire

Come swimmin' in the flames with me!

(verse 2)

You don't need the best part of a romance novel

We're writing our story, momma, line by line

See how in my delight trouble

Staring down the barrel of a heart like mine



I wanna chase yo luv like a tail chases a comet

And move you like the wind through the emerald waves of day

I wanna lay you down in a field of autumn clover

Darling, don't look down, just take my hand


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