Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band - Loving You Easy

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Every mornin' when you come downstairs

Hair’s a mess but I don’t care

No Makeup on you’re shinin' so bright

My old sweatshirt neva fit so right

Dancin' around to the radio

Hummin' the words that you don’t know

Cross out findin' an angel off my list

Thinkin' it don’t get no better than this


You making lovin' u easy

You make lovin' u all I want to do

Every lil smile, every single touch

Reminds me just how much it all makes

Lovin' u easy

(Verse 2)

Wrapped around me late at night

Pillow talk by candle light

Gonna slow this down & make it last

The best things fly by so fast



Oh, I wanna sing it again


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