Z-Ro - U Gotta Let Go lyrics

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(Billy Cook) Z-Ro, Keke and Billy Cook Yeah oh yeah [Z-Ro] Steady dropping album after album, song after song I should of stayed up on the corner moving stone after stone With a red dot, led blocks with no time for school I'm in the kitchen whipping up a chicken fool I tried to get my cash on, but I couldn't get my cash on Everytime I hit a lick, my family dipping in my stash Got me mad, whipping up my mask and my 4-5 Dipping in my cheve looking for shit to go down For my real ass players, man, they don't want me now Use to show me love, that's something they don't show me now Left a player lonely now, it's all good That's why I'm robbing motherfuckers up in y'all hood Life got me pissed off, take the rolex that's on your wrist off Papa said I got to pay rent, or get out this house Living in the streets back in the tre 5-7 It's a question of life for mie got a nigga stressing [Chorus] You got to let go sometimes - 8x [Lil' Keke] Sitting at the crib watching time go by I be puffing on la, I mean myself and I It's been a struggle to hustle, but I maintain Cause this shit don't change off in this dirty game I got kids to feed, blocks to bleed I really, shoot for the top my nigga I got to get it Money if I win puts my mind at ease Cause I be praying on my knees got to get this cheese This a lifetime, and ain't no turning it back Going hard with the crack, trying to get that sack Be retired from the game, yeah that's something I wish I stay undercover rolling strapped with four fifths Rolling Don Ke from H-Town to cali Straight up out the valley dodging the federally Putting it down cause I'ma stay on the grind So you roll homie try to let it go sometime, let it go [Chorus - 8x] [Z-Ro] Flipping my tongue since I was young It ain't over it just begun, S.U.C. I represent it till my living is done I'm on the run ducking the law with a pistol on my side looking for trouble too deep for money at the same time I'm a sold-ier, I thought I told you I'm a geurilla my nagah my dogs gone fold you Pump your breaks when you run into a wild card Ro Under the influence and I don't give a fuck no more [Chorus - 12x] (Billy Cook vocalizing) [Chorus - 8x]

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