Z-Ro - H-town lyrics

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(Track) H-Town, going down, ooooh Oh yeah (know we talking bout) Aaaay, ay [Hook: Track] I'm oooooooout, H-Toooooown These niggaz, need to know what I'm talking about Oooh you know, it's going down tonight So get ready, you gots to be ready [E.S.G.] I'm talking two bedrooms, gated residential-aire E.S.G. and Boss Hogg, ask the Presidential playa Roley, mansion, my click expanding fa sho Swanging on 4's banging Z-Ro, smoking on do' close the 4 do' Looking so thoed you know me, see them agents can't hold me E and Slim on the track, we like Shaq and Kobe Alley-oop out the Coupe, and my troops gon march From the South to the North, look for the ice in the starch There we go there we go, see our diamonds gon glow Houston Texas in the do', pour a pint fuck a fo' No longer sitting low, changed my 4's to twenty three's FUBU on my chest, platinum Roley under my sleeve Riding V fucking 12's, keep the V-6 Me and Rich getting rich, add shocks into my shit Who the click, playing it raw we wire your jaw E.S.G., Presidential Playas, we outlaws huh [Hook: Track] [Slim Thug] I'm out that H-Town Tex, where they don't barre plex Invisible set around my neck, I look good and reflect The Slim Thugger, on 23's burning rubber Sometimes I wanna shine, sometimes I roll undercover I'm from the City of Syrup, where young G's slang birds Looking good by the herds, full of that endo herb Nothing less, Down South we puff on the best When I blow I just say no, to that stress oh yes See I'ma clown top down, pop trunk and surround If you love me you gon smile, if you hate me you gon frown We hold it down, Boss Hogg Outlaws ain't po' When I'm in town I can be found, checked in the top flo' Presidential playa, with mo' respect than a mayor Super thoed flow sayer, and I ain't no sprayer Slim Thug, E.S.G., putting it down with the car We Presidential playas, taking over the charts ha [Track] See these Presidential playas know it's going down (going down) they know it's going down (going down) yeeah See these H-Town playas know it's going down (going down) going down (going down) yaaay-yaay (going down) [H20] See we sitting blow do in the low-low, rolling killing Bout to break the coffee down, dump it in the swisha I see them niggaz in the front, talking loud and capping True bad boys, move in silence make it happen My niggaz, get smoked out high niggaz Branded up down to ride, for G.I. niggaz We ain't gangstas, but demand respect Ay yo let's cash some checks, while them other niggaz plex Money, sex and hoes and hoes People screaming my name, doing sold out shows Ain't got time for rap wars, we gon shine like stars People see me at the bar, with E.S.G. in a car Fuck em all I'ma ball, with my niggaz that stack And just love to smoke sacks, with they mind on mack I'm a Presidential playa, nigga you ain't know G.I.N. branded up, going down fa sho [Hook: Track] [Lyrical 187] I passed that Harm Clark, and Buffalo and Few Quay Woke up on the North, at Antoine and Golf Back While I'm out here, I need to go and get that Swisha House tape With them freestyles, the one that 5000 Watts made In H-Town we put it down, from the North to the South Gold grills and platinum pieces, ballas holding down shop Seems full of chickens, clocking in the parking lots Be careful with that drank, cause the laws stay hot MLK to Homestead, playa choose your spot You know it's warm around this 3rd Coast, so drop your tops G.I.N. and Presidential, with that boy from Wreckshop And Mr. Slim Thug, we feel we can't be stopped It's been a long time coming, the sleeping down had to wait Now it's too late, them Texas boys got too much weight So stop hating, you know you know the way we put it down For the Dirty Dirty South, representing H-Town [Track] I wish, got my G's from H-Town, it's going down I wish, got my G's from H-Town, it's going down [Hook: Track] (Track) See these Presidential playas, they stay ready (ready) Moving Cheves (Cheves), ooooh-oooh-ooh See these Presidential playas, they stay ready (ready) Moving Cheves (Cheves) oh-I oh-I

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