YUNG RO - You Gonna Love Me

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I promise, g'eah I love this shit man

You gotta love me man, you gon love me after this one

Man that's a promise man I love you, the boy

[Yung Ro]

I wanna make you love me, but that's an im-possible task

Down that road there's a possible crash, could end up in the hospital fast

I bust shots when I'm mad, I bust shots when I'm sad

And when I'm happy I bust shots, reminding niggaz I can get mad

Can get agg'd, can call Cham can scoop 50

Can get Rasaq, Cat, Hatta, J-Mack, Lil E will shoot with me

Plus Boogie will shoot any blank space, don't matter the same

Don't believe me sign on the dotted line, and don't forge your name

The Boy's the name record the pain, Pac spit the same shit

Pass me his shoes comfortable, what do you know the same fit

I let the flames rip, got the key to the game dick

It's going down like your main bitch, Ro suffered pain thick remain sick

My brain's quick, fly talking till the brain quit

Mami say that my brain's quick, I'm flattered bu the mission's to get brains quick

Get brain switched, same bitch lame bitch

She say don't share she's not the hoe my bad, would you rather me call you dame bitch

I'm on the same shit, that got my nigga put away

But I can't seem to put away, the fact they wanted to put me away

But I saw good in J, made me an offer I couldn't say

No to man talk with a purpose, condiment I think he stood this way

His thumb on his chin, while rubbing his goa-tee

Squinching his eyes like a wise man, so proud that he chose me

That very thought froze me, I knew I had a mission

And through that with faith in God, I could attacked this mission

I don't just rap I'm living, this hood stuff sonny

Street wisdom no books homie, take in many tip from me

Wanna see me look up dummy, not on my level you should done in

It seems like since I look at money the way I do, they all want a hook-up from me

But tell 'em I'm not a fool, so go ask Barthalemuel

A lot of tools get shot at you, no time for a ditch backyard or pool

I'll make you road kill, get crushed like them possums do

Shouldn't of been running in traffic, dumb shit like them possums do

B. Booker coming back from the Penn, he say I got 'em through

And L. Dogg peeping my pad, while we writing trying to see what I'm jotting new

I'm talking to my money now, honey how are you fine I hope

Just kidding fine I know, grinding mo' fuck shining yo

Cause I don't shine I glow, not man made can't cop it fool

And I hear dudes out there mocking who, Nobody come on stop it dude

Unless you want a shot at you, boom-boom blocker you

M-m got him good, Ambulance vroom-vroom gotta move

Gotta do what I gotta do, it's all bidness watch it dude

Cause the real ones cross mixed attempt don't it, and I don't know what you got to prove

Now look what Ro has blossomed to, money got niggaz watching you

You watching him he watching you, they watching you you watching who

Got you boom now you doomed, shot in the leg and hopping too

Streets hot as hell shoot the block ain't cool, kids listen up this what rocks will do

We bake good cakes the hood make em, without chopping dude

X-O, drank, dro, wet that's what's popping dude

Ooh what's popping boo, she like ooh you're not you're who

I'm like take a guess, star struck she like you're-you're you

Yep I'm that boy in the flesh, no imposter boo

She like I'm from Ohio, and I'm starting to hear a lot from you

I'm like I got you boo, understood my thought we through

Her's different kept going, I'm like hey I got you boo

So you can stop it boo, she kept talking Rasaq is cool

Koopa's mean, 50's real and as for me Chopped and Screwed

Ain't nothing I can't do, plus rolling with a cocky crew

For the patrol we hauling the road, set up a road block or two

The best of both worlds, dope music glad I got you too

Treat both games like kids child's play, now watch what poppa do

I go and cop the shoes, fuck it it's nothing cop the crews

Should see the smile on Jacob, when me and Chamillion cop the jewels

Carnoble my nigga, he show you what that boxing do

I'm coming down your chimney like Santa, don't want them stockings dude

I'm at the top, and you listen for me to tell you stop and move

You need to slow your speed, like when you do when them laws clocking you


G'eah Yung Ro, you gon love me or else

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