YUNG RO - When Ya Think Of Me

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(feat. Big Pokey)


Yung Ro, Podina Sensei yeah

2004 already, (Yung Ro) say

[Big Pokey:]

Watch out for Sensei, make way for Yung Ro

Y'all hear that shotty blast, that's how my gun go

I let off one mo', Ro got the calico

I got the 4-5, y'all better hit the flo'

Stop drop and roll, niggaz call me rock and roll

Cause I cop that heavy metal, closet like a gun show

Hardest Pit in the sto', then I gave em Dope Game

Backdo' with Sky's Da Limit, followed up with Hurricane

S.U.C. changed the game, M.O.B. stained your brain

Crock bull bloodline, uncut cocaine

Dog you better lace your boots, slippers count you know it's real

Men get touched like that boy Tony Touch, Hollyfield hold your grill

Chop till you drop roll the field, get stopped on the block in a old Deville

Live wire one deep, drive by trying to hold the wheel

These niggaz in the street like road kill, Main Street to Mobille

Sensei signing off, bust your gun you know the deal


(when you think of me), you think of a headache

A bus losing control, and speeding with bad breaks

(when you think of me), you think of a great dane

Charging at full speed, and hit like a freight train

(when you think of me), you think of a wad of bricks

Won't budge for shit, won't stop or quit

(when you think of me), you think of a disease

Traveling through your speakers, to hit you when you breathe

[Yung Ro:]

I snatch niggaz tongues out, walk with my guns out

And I'ma smoke weed, till my fucking lungs out

You get your ass rung out, hung out to dry

Puffing on fry, the opposite of dry

If niggaz wanna try, we'll duck they mate

Have her bruised and duct taped, fucked and raped

Kidnap your kids and hold em, for ransom do'

You think of a nightmare, when you think of Ro



Yeah Sensei, Yung Ro

We right back at ya mayn, already ha-ha

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