YUNG RO - Understanding

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I hear y'all talking, I know you trying too

I know he don't wanna meet ya half way, and I know what happened after that

But I think there's a way we can work it out, all we need is understanding

You feel me we gon try to do that, understand come on

Put your hands up uh-uh-uh, put your hands up my name Yung Ro man

I'm one of the ones you know, come on

If you feeling it like I'm feeling it right now, what I want you to do

Put your hand up to the sky, and rock with me

Yeah-yeah, come on listen up uh

[Yung Ro]

Now you been crying all day, listen up you make up

I know it wasn't your fault, you didn't wanna break up

But you gotta wake up, and look at the picture

You got dogs and hoes, ladies and real niggaz

And who you'll end up with, shit you never will know

But I gotta use my brain, to keep a lady from a hoe

Cause if a hoe break my heart, I should of known she was fake

Now if a lady cheat on me, then that was my mistake

Cause a lady gon need a reason, but she'll go up your letter

And if I'm off note, she deserves some'ing better

Cause she's a lady, and that's hard to be

And also hard to find, so I'm a D-O-G

And honestly I feel bad, I broke a few hearts

But this bullshit fame, just fucked me up from the start

So if you love him just tell him, give him a kiss and a hug

Cause even a dog, can't turn down unconditional love


Understand that try to yeah, all we need is understanding you know

I understand ladies, for real for real you know but look out

On the real, I can't leave my dogs out you know

Y'all fail to realize that y'all act understanding sometimes too

So you know I'ma spit it from a man's point of view

So don't hang up the phone just yet

[Yung Ro]

Understanding, is something we both need

Since we can't see eye to eye, nothing but drama we see

It's not a happy home, it's too much pain and confusion

Got wars going on in my head, and I'm losing

So you and that bullshit you stressing, disappear

I don't need it in my life, it's too real over here

And I hope he make you happy, cause I see that I can't

Your love ain't like mine I'm stressed, I see that you ain't

You still doing you running with who, shit I don't know

Letting time pass you up, living the life of a hoe

And I know you was so guilty, kept your face disguised

And when I kissed you swear to God, I could taste those lies

So bitter so sweet, you a dangerous woman

But I can't fuck with ya mama, cause you ain't never showed me nothing

It was like murder she wrote, when she spoke up like I died

Lord knows a nigga tried, help my understand why


Yeah you know, understanding is a beautiful thang

Ha at least when you got it, ha-ha but look out though man

You're now in session with Yung Ro, Counselor

Slow motion with me, yeah

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