YUNG RO - Pain & Depression

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(feat. B. Booker)

[Yung Ro:]

Dear Serenity, I'm sorry I'm just doing what I got to

And this is the truth, your daddy loved you before you saw you

I just wanted you to shine, daddy grew up too hard

With no friends no money, just brought me closer to God

And I can't stop thinking, that I won't live too long

But if you ever miss your papa, just listen to his song

But don't listen to me wrong, understand my love

Critics may judge the way I speak, and classify me as a thug

A nobody loud mouth, who just won't shut up

Full of pain full of love, full of drugs fucked up

What's up, Yung Ro put his life on wax

I ain't no rapper feel my pain, now put some mics on that

You can't disappoint me, I'm a man you a man

But you ain't God and you ain't me, so I don't expect you to understand

I see evil painting pictures, in my head so clear

Voices plotting on my soul, I swear I felt it in my ear

I wanna live a normal life, but dog a nigga doubt it

I done got so use to being high, I can't see a regular life without it

Dear God I'm scared to die, but I'm ready to kick it with you

But I know you will never call me name, until you say I'm through

But until then it's fuck everybody, I love nobody

Call that damn Ro, Rizzo Mr. Nobody

I can't even trust my dogs, cause they don't love me

I try again and again, but somebody always fuck me

They say I'm lucky, you blessed cause God chose you

But I wonder if they had the chance, would they try to switch shoes

Dear God it hurts so bad, when nobody loves you

Sometimes I wish I didn't love em, cause they couldn't hurt me like they do

So look at me full of hate, full of love gone crazy

Just me and my baby, one deep with my 3-80

Niggaz shady, so I been kicking it with nobody lately

Praying for my loved ones, and even the motherfuckers that hate me

I am love I am pain, depressed and hoping

I am anger Yung Ro, I'm a walking emotion


I see it, in your eyes

You're always waiting, for something bad to happen

You can't trust nobody, you said it yourself you can't relax

You can't hardly, even smile

[B. Booker:]

My step-dad never liked me, tried to turn my mom's against me

When I found that out, feel like I had the laws against me

So I went to my room, packed up my things and burnt quickly

Never have I ever, seen myself move so swiftly

A few months passed, the house is different since I'm gone

When I pick up the phone, it's mom's ready for me to come back home

Only 17, my girl a few years older

Both of us young, dealing with these burdens on our shoulders

It's been damn near a year, and life's got cold

Fucking my lady with no rubber, now her stomach's on swoll

Seems like this life I love, has been fucked up since day one

Now on August 24th, I'm expecting a son

My first thought was a baby, gon hit you where it hurt

The first thought of making fast money, was snatching a purse

So that night I dressed up in all black, and did that

Did the crime one deep, cause on yourself you can't rat

Quit school, and on the football team gave up my spot

And took somebody's starting position, hustling on the block

With the thousands I won for, had to do the do

Bought three pounds from my ese partna, and he fronted me two

Now I'm hustling full time, with my mind on my ends

Me and my boo and a soldier, that she carries within

Three days straight sometimes, a week hustling away from home

Baby mama's alone, stressed I'm always gone

But when a nigga finally did, make it back to the pad

I walked up to hug and kiss her, cause I knew she was mad

[Yung Ro:]

I done got to the point, where shit don't even affect me no mo'

I use to be a bi-polar child, back in 1994

But time passed mo' problems, and a nigga still standing

After being abused neglected, depressed and abandoned

I was stranded, a live walking loose canon

I use tp pray for the pain to stop, now I only pray for understanding

I'm on some fo' foot prince shit, but it's only been two half my quest

I ain't got time to rest, I'm still here so I know I'm blessed

But I can't help to think about, the ones I love who so selfish

And when they need somebody to talk to, they run to Ro so helpless

And I would go breathless, and hang myself from a tree

Before I do the thangs to y'all, that y'all niggaz done done to me

But nigga fuck it, who said life was 'spose to be fun

A bigger heart than a brain, that's the life of the chosen one

My girl say I worry too much, and I'm always stressing

I swear I seen the pain in her face, when I was gone off X

And I love nobody, because nobody love Ro

And it's M-O-B, with my and my big bro

And you down for life, when you fucking with Yung Ro

Because I'll hit a nigga I love, before a nigga I don't know

And ask for a hoe, she gon get that do'

Or make herself useful, and drive my click to a show

See I could be a pimp, with some thangs that I say to women

But past relationships, got me thinking that I ain't made for women

I'm a walking mess, full of pain inside

Catch myself staring at kids, seeing a part of me that died

Somebody shed a tear for me, cause I ain't got no mo'

Put too much trust in my niggaz, and bad run-in's with hoes

It never fails money and pussy, will help you see the truth

You wanna see how real your niggaz is, then introduce these two

I put that on my T. Lady, I'm a real living witness

But I'm tired of talking to y'all, so get the fuck out my bidness

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