YUNG RO - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen

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Man, that's what I'm tal'n bout right there

They say this what it take to wrote songs like this, come on let's go

Oh what you thinking huh, yeah you right

I see ya, let's go

[Yung Ro:]

A young mother got kids, growing up on her own

And her baby daddy gone, so she all alone

And even though we was po', we had a good life

Wasn't changing for the world, cause I love the hood life right

You shoulda seen, Lil' Ro

Flat top with a part, borrowing sugar from next do'

But oh the rent's due, plus you got money to pay back

The others lent you, and what's this letter that they sent you

Talking bout we pass due, pass out

And what's eviction mean mama, I don't wanna leave the house

Boy go and shut your mouth, we gon do what we gonna

To make it and we did, I got no choice to love mama

And I know, you think nobody cares

Nobody tries like you, and nobody's there

But you right, because it's me and you

So when you think nobody cares, you know who to look to ya know

[Hook: x2]

Nobody knows the, trouble that I've seen

No-body knows my, sorrow

[Yung Ro:]

Nobody knows my sorrow, it's like my heart seems hollow

But think about it, it really woulda took a right tomorrow

I got a heart mayn, that's bigger than me

But sometimes I can't decide, between this trigger and me

It's like it's bigger than me, I got a nigga in me

That's both bitter but sweet, and he be hitting that sweet

Get in the street, and just won't listen to me

I'm on some soul searching, trying to find the middle of me

Listen to me, it get hard everyday

I talk to God and I pray, and I just talk and I say

Whatever on my mind and heart, I'm trying to find my start

Ready to go, but I can't find my part

I grind and walk, because patience is a virtue

I'm speaking from experience, running fast will hurt you

Plus nobody will help, that's why we named our crew

And don't nobody cares, and know who to look to for real

[Hook x2]


You gotta smile, through it all though man

You can't let that shit, get you down man

Hard times, come for a reason

Smile, and stick together

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