YUNG RO - Just A Nobody

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(feat. Chamillionaire)


G'yeah, we gon slow things down a lil' bit

So I can take time out, address some issues

Give you the real me, walk with me

I ain't write this one to lose you, you feel me

Walk with me

[Yung Ro]

Nobody understands, so I wrote God a letter

All I wanted was peace, and for my family to do better

It's like they drained the love out me, but I couldn't hate you

And I had hunger pains, only a bum could relate to

On my own, but I'm still smiling still standing

Use to pray for the pain to stop, now I only pray for understanding

I'm a changed man, me eyesight's so filthy

My heart bleeds for the world, and I don't need a critic

Or applause, see homie I'm just doing my job

I grew out of that gift and curse, I use to think it was hard

I often talk to God, and I remember the first time

On my knees holding my head, telling James and crying

Couldn't move something pulling me, don't feel like a force

See something talking, but it don't sound like a voice

Curious, and when I find out the source

See what would you do man, I had to make a choice

Listen to these words, come from a young man

So far but so close, everyone could understand

I'm not rap or hip hop, and I say it so proudly

Call me what you want, just no that I'm nobody

[Hook x2: Chamillionaire]

I'm just a nobody, trying to tell everybody

About somebody, who can save anybody

[Yung Ro]

How could you look someone straight in the face, and look down on em

When God's the only one above me, he don't look down on him

Was it the drugs or my heart, that made me feel so worthless

I got a gift, and at times I don't think I deserve it

Some people think I'm perfect, I can't describe my fears

And if I cried, you wouldn't even understand my tears

Lord forgive me for my thoughts, my conscience is killing me

Cause most times when evil comes, I just go so willingly

My mind sometimes clicks, and everything sit still's

And at that moment it's so real, yet it's so unreal

Got me feeling dead already, Lord my life's so hard

Now I know, why the only thing to fear is God

A lot of things are odd, am I wrong or right

And I got them same thoughts, that made Mase turn to Christ

And I've been searching for the truth, in tears willing and hoping

Went to church still not moved, wasn't feeling the modif

Late night jamming Sam Cooke, realizing that change coming

Just can't depend on partnas, family or my woman

Find myself singing humming, to myself so proudly

See I got peace with God, even when I got nobody

[Hook x2]

[Yung Ro]

For 20 years I grew up, without no home

So I came up with nobody, cause I feel so alone

Many thoughts in my dome, times getting too hard

I'm starving and sinning, trying to stay close to God

Still praying to the Lord, but feeling like I'm gon crumble

Receiving test after test, and still remaining so humble

The mo' humble I stay, the mo' knowledge I gain

And the mo' knowledge I gain, the mo' I understood pain

And the mo' I understood pain, the bigger my heart grew

But hear my pain grew mo', cause now I hurt for me and you

And when you stressed and depressed, remember nobody cares

And my nigga when you feel alone, nobody's there

And my team nobody, we ain't never alone

Cause we live in nobody land, and our heart is our home

You could ask any of my niggaz, they'll tell you what's up

It's nobody to the end, because nobody gave a fuck

And nobody would bust, you think I'm playing do you

When you got nobody to worry about, cause nobody will shoot you

It's crucial my nigga, I got too much love

Remember nights on my knees, sending my praises above

Saying nobody hears me, and nobody listens

I found out nobody cares, and receive the mission

And what I thought I'd been missing, had been there the whole time

Love, support, foundation and grind

And now I'm a nobody, on a mission from heaven

To make the world feel nobody, and when I die I'll be a legend

G'yeah, to make the world feel nobody

And when I die I'll be a legend

[Hook x2]



La-la-la-la-la, nobo-ody nobody

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