YUNG RO - Get Away

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Sometimes you get away huh, uh-huh

We up in this bitch, my nigga Head

Yung Ro, Rizzo dig these blues

[Yung Ro]

I can write forever bout my pain, till my pen run to ink about it

I'm a sinner dear Lord, if I ain't doing it I'm thinking bout it

Surrounded by killers, voulters and devious guys

So I spend most of my time, looking in my baby's eyes

Searching for a longer hobby, cause these drugs ain't no doing it

Use to have a grasp on reality, now these drugs done ruined it

I can't a-fford a loss, I'm paranoid and strapped

Bad blood with my connects, got me watching my back

And I know I'm doing wrong, so I'm destined to be punished

This mob life got me stressing, to my people one hundred

I can't see it another way, to survive in these streets

Searching for answers looking for love, and praying for peeps

I gotta (get away), because I'm dying at home

High in the zone, just me and my thoughts crying alone

Thinking (ooooh), naw I can't I wish I could

Everybody up to no good, nobody's real in the hood

I gotta (get away), and find another place to rest at

A strong foundation, somewhere I can make a nest at

(ooooh), and the answer is no

Nigga nobody with nothing, I got nowhere to go

I gotta (get away), dear Father show me a path

Because this road I made myself, I'm garunteed to crash

My nigga (ooooh), X-O is all I need

Taking flight with my oranges, while puffing on weed

Trying to (get away), still trying to get out that do'

But turning the knob the wrong way, and I don't even much know

(ooooh), man I wish I could answer that

I got problems, and the back of the book ain't where the answers at

I'm trying to (get away) got physical, spiritual and mental pain

Trying to get away, but it's hard when your enemy's your brain

(ooooh), my nigga I gotta get it

And I expect a small plate, and on top of that I gotta split it

Gotta (get away), get away to get me some cash

I need it fast I gotta mash, praying hope it last

(ooooh), I'm just trying to keep my head up

And a pistol from my head, but a young nigga fed up

[Hook x2]

(get away), from all this pressure and pain

Dear Lord show me a way, for me to smile again

(ooooh), got me searching for that light

Grinding working after night, got me hurting it ain't right

[Yung Ro]

I gotta (get away), but that ain't the main issue

It's easy to run, my question's where I'm gon get to

(ooooh), too many questions I can't make out

Now I'm trying to escape, from what I though was an escape route

(get away), I tried running tried walking

Use to stay to myself, this year I even tried talking

Asking (ooooh), and in return I got nothing naw

Someone answered, but never understood the question how to

(get away), they say I'm crazy on some mo' shit

I talk to God a lot, I'm one deep on some Ro shit

(ooooh), g'eah whatever that is

Don't know why I remember how, but I'm stuck with what it did

(get away), so nigga what it do

Peep my mind, ninety percent of my thoughts is fuck you

So (ooooh), back-back move from round me

I ain't friendly dude, Ro don't speak kindly

(get away), matter fact far away

And you can take it from this song, or realize the hard way

(ooooh), I ain't asking no mo'

I'm blasting a fo', and that's for anyone who pass through that do'

(get away), kick rocks bitch beat it

The offer was thoughtful, but your presence isn't needed

(ooooh), nigga leave me alone

Cause I don't need you coming around, just to leave me alone

(get away), I'm alright by myself

I fight by myself, alone sleep at night by myself

So (ooooh), get the fuck away from me

I'm a nobody nigga, and I ride one deep

[Hook x2]


Just let it run I'm cool

You know, I use to be just like you, you

So far innocence, love, passion

And a need for serenity, preaching for a change

Until things change, like some'ing else got into me

Like when I gained something, I lose something

Something so precious, so essential

A foundation a base, started in my heart

And spread it to my mental, and from that

Led to my situation, or should I say situations that I'm in

Addicted to pain, drama, dope, temporary pleasure

A living hell, drowning in sin

This fast life ain't for me, but I never accomplished nothing

From crying, but it's so hard to fake a smile on the outside

When on the inside, you really dying

Ain't no escaping this life, and honestly

I couldn't picture life, without this

This pain shit, me without pain is like a scientist without his question

What if, but what if I did grow up like you

Across that other side of the fence, where the grass is green

And life is more predictable, and the unfolded mathematics

Actually make sense, maybe I could have been something worth speaking of

If I only had a chance to, or maybe I did

And just was a kid, unable to see so I just ran to

An easy way out, a shortcut, a quick route

Running for that oasis, and realized

I was actually moving backwards, further into that drought

Man, ha that made nothing but excuses what I think

Life is cursing me, like God like

I deserve more Father please mercy me

Naw, I need to take care of bidness

Quit letting temptation win, and the Devil use me as his puppet

I hear him laughing, while I'm walking on crutches

Man corrupts, everything he touches

Got me scared to drop a seed, knowing that I'm destined to be punished

Question is, will God punish me

Or will it come along, with the birth of my child

From a cursed stomach, hmm man I don't know

All I know is I'm tired, and I think I'm at the end of this road

And the question we all ask, what happens after this

Nobody knows

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